Why Choose Us

With a combined rich experience in the scaffolding trade and industry, strict adherence to H&S and working on heights regulation, we can offer the best solution for our clients. 

Access & New Build Scaffolding

Scaffolding hire for new build projects can be a tough challenge. There will be various subcontractors that will be working on the property and they will usually need to use the scaffolding as part of their work. On numerous occasions, adaptions will be requested and two sub contractors can often have conflicting requests. A clear understanding of the issues and good communication skills are essential to keep the site moving and our professional team has both the knowledge and experience to iron out any complications.

Residential Scaffolding

Residential scaffolding is used in a domestic or residential building. It includes scaffolding for home extension projects, loft conversion, painting, roofing, chimney, soffits and fascia, new build property, and building Pifumim Ltd. has the experience to install any type of scaffolding for your residential property. 

Permitted Development Scaffolding

Pigumim Ltd has multiple years of experience in scaffolding office blocks to enable our clients to convert them into residential units. Amongst the many requirements, there are at times additional work that is added and the other time's elevations need shoring. we offer a quick, safe & cost-effective solution to all our client's scaffolding needs.

Scaffolding Design and Calculations

The scaffolding is designed in accordance with the HSE regulations and we work closely together with both the client and our design team to produce a quality design that is both safe and practical to work with. Contact us today and we will answer all the questions that you may have.


We consider health and safety measures very seriously, all our scaffolding personnel are fully trained and have passed all required health and safety tests. Our weekly meetings give employee's proper training for the job we undertake onsite. We generate risk assessment reports and method statements to comply with site requirements.

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